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Your Challenges

Your Challenges

We’ll help you overcome the problems you face

Companies of all shapes and sizes face challenges on a daily basis, especially when it comes to technology and its use within a business environment.

Luckily, here at Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to tailor our services to meet the needs of the small and medium businesses that we serve.

Sabio help you rise above the following challenges:

One of the best things that you’ll find about working with the team at Sabio? We are small enough to provide a boutique experience and personal services, yet large enough to deliver multiple layers of support and experienced resources. Don’t struggle in silence, get in touch and tell us how we can help you today.

You are Being Billed Too Much

None of us enjoy paying more than we have to for products or services but avoiding unscrupulous vendors trying to make a quick buck is easier said than done. And unfortunately the IT industry is rife with support providers who blind you with science and add services you didn’t need – or even receive – on to your bill.

And even if you’re not intentionally being taken advantage of, if your IT guy isn’t providing you with the level of service and support that you need due to a lack of knowledge and credentials, guess what – you’re still paying too much.

In addition to this, if you’re still using traditional break/fix IT support, your IT guy is only fixing your problems when they occur, which means that not only do you not know what you’ll be paying for IT support from month to month, but you’re also being saddled with pricey call out charges. And let’s not forget the fact that your break/fix guy relies on your problems to earn a living: the chances of him fixing the problem so it doesn’t occur again are slim…

The solution

Switching to a company who offers Managed IT Services. A company such as Sabio Information Technologies, Inc..

Billing for our Managed IT Service solutions takes a flat monthly fee approach – which means that no matter how much support you need, you’ll still only pay that one fixed amount.

And that’s not all because when you outsource the management of your technology to Sabio we look after your IT proactively, finding and fixing issues before they impact on your productivity and bottom line. It really is a win win situation.

Your Computers Go Down a Lot

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running your business from your home office or you have a network consisting of hundreds of users, you do not want to – nor should you – be having to deal with downtime.

To run a competitive organization, you need to ensure that wasted time, productivity slumps and the negative impact that they create on your bottom line are not features of your daily operations or something you need to worry about.

The solution

Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. will help you eliminate downtime for good with the implementation of a more efficient and secure IT infrastructure. We’ll ensure your network is secured against time-sapping viruses and malware attacks and will proactively monitor your IT around the clock, stopping problems in their tracks.

And if you do run into any unexpected issues, we’ll be there to resolve them with our knowledgeable help desk support team and our remote and onsite technicians.

Your current IT Guy is slow to respond

Every single minute that you sit around waiting for your IT guy to either respond to your call, or to schedule an appointment and actually turn up, is a minute of wasted time and productivity for everyone involved. And you don’t need us to tell you that these minutes all add up and can turn into hours and even days over a period of time. Can your small or medium-sized business afford to waste that much time? Think of the effect it’s having on your bottom line!

The solution

Transferring your IT support needs to Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. just makes sense. We answer the phone live, and you won’t be passed around through an automated system only to eventually end up talking to someone in a generic overseas call center who doesn’t know the first thing about your company or IT environment.

Better still, you’ll speak to a friendly IT expert technician who will give you assistance over the phone in plain English so that you can try and troubleshoot the issue quickly yourself. And if that’s not possible, we’ll do our best to fix the problem remotely so that there’s no waiting for a technician to arrive.

You Need Better Use Of Your Technology

Just because you’re a small business there is absolutely no reason why you should be putting up with ineffective or poorly functioning IT. It’s time to start viewing technology not as something that merely helps your company tick over or stay afloat, but as a real force for good and a contributing factor in the growth of your business.

A weak IT infrastructure doesn’t do justice to the amount of money you sink into your hardware and software, or into the other aspects of your business. Put simply, you are not getting a decent return on investment.

The solution

At Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. we offer cutting edge IT solutions that give your small or medium-sized business access to the same advanced technologies normally only enjoyed by bigger companies with bigger budgets. This in turn gives you the ability to impress your existing customers or clients, and gain new ones by offering better service and increasing your marketing efforts.

Our IT services are customizable so that they address your business challenges – we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach when it comes to technology. Our IT experts will also gladly advise as to which technologies you should be adopting to help you support and sustain future growth.

You need professional CIO services

It can be hard trying to navigate the often-confusing world of technology and, if you’re just not sure which software programs to implement, what new hardware to buy, or how to tell whether or not you are at a point where you need to upgrade your systems or processes, you might be wondering where to turn for advice.

As a business owner or manager, it’s up to you to guide your company’s direction. In addition to this, you need to ensure that your network can accommodate your needs as your company grows and new technologies emerge.

What changes do you foresee for your company in the next year, or two years, or even five? How large do you expect your company to grow? Do you expect to move? Open new offices? How will these changes affect your company’s IT needs? There’s a lot to think about, that’s for sure.

The solution

Professional CIO services from Sabio Information Technologies, Inc. will help you chart your company’s growth path while an extra set of eyes gives you the bandwidth to focus on your core business.

As a small business you probably don’t have anyone on staff who can offer an unbiased and expert opinion that will enable you to use IT to help you formulate your growth strategies, but we do.

Sabio’s CIO will help you define the useful life of your existing IT infrastructure, create an IT budget to ensure that your network infrastructure meets all your company’s needs, and ensure that your operations are running to peak efficiency.

Don’t make strategic decisions in a vacuum – get sound advice from Professional CIO Consultants who have helped small businesses like yours move forward with confidence.



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