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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Success Starts with Being Found By Your Customers

Before the Internet became the phenomenon that it is, people would depend on the good old phone book to discover goods and services. While the method is similar, the medium has changed, and being discovered as an organization is now all about being deemed “relevant” by the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

We’ve helped companies big and small discover the secrets to appearing high on the list of organic search results for keyword phrases most closely related to their business. And that’s where the friendly experts at ITDS come in. One of our certified experts will work with you to develop a list of the keyword phrases which will most impact your bottom line and get you results. From there, through content creation strategies and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we’ll make sure your business is in the best possible position to get found on the Internet. After all, no matter how great your website is, it’s only effective if people are able to locate it!

And for those companies depending on local traffic, our locally-based consultants have the culture, language, and region-specific knowledge you can depend on. Global, local, large, small, and no matter the industry — ITDS is your key to successful search.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

is designed to increase website traffic, which can convert into sales, brand reputation, and authority. Part of the SEO strategy is to ensure your website appears on the first page of Google’s search results using keywords for your business.

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How long does SEO take to get results?

First 30 Days Recurring Monthly Activity Additional Quarterly Activity
Genesis audit and investigation Resolve site quality challenges Comprehensive SEO audit to align site to comply with Google best practices
Noncompliance inspection Recurring on-page enhancements Retract any backlinks to sites that have become noncompliant with Google and damage your site reputation
Keyphrase and keyword suggestions Recurring authority enhancements
Cornerstone settings Business Directories
On page suggestions Web 2.0 properties
Update approved on-page suggestions Social Bookmarking
Authority positioning with backlinks Guest blog posting
Business directories Unique articles
Web 2.0 properties Social channel sharing
Social bookmarking Monthly reporting and suggestions for increased performance
Guest blog posting
Unique articles
Social channel sharing

Per Click Advertinsing

Search Engine Marketing for Adelaide Businesses

“The focus is on maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with prospects, at whatever stage they may be in their decision making or buying process.”

Targeted Search Engine Marketing Begins with Nurturing Leads

Adelaide businesses and businesses around the world can no longer afford to treat online marketing as something they will eventually get around to. It has evolved into a scientific high-margin area for dedicated specialists in areas like SEO and content marketing. Without some expertise your business risks losing competitiveness to other companies. But with some direction Targeted Lead Marketing or Search Engine Marketing can be one of the most powerful ways for Adelaide businesses like yours to leverage the Internet.

Your web site is your 24/7 marketing vehicle and a powerful tool to interact with customers. By applying Search Engine Marketing best practices you can convert online visitors into qualified leads and then convert those leads into sales and profits. The focus is on maintaining a healthy and interactive relationship with prospects, at whatever stage they may be in their decision making or buying process. Consider what systems you can install to create a strong lead nurturing discipline at your company?

Creating Faith in Your Adelaide Customers

An effective Search Engine Marketing campaign involves developing a constant and relevant interaction with potential customers. There are a number of innovative, cost-efficient ways to keep you continually connected to your current and prospective customers. Many of them involve SEO or content marketing.

  • Auto-responders
  • Click-to-call (Internet to phone)
  • Email marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Blogs

A focused Search Engine Marketing campaign can help you to gather and cultivate early-stage leads and continually add valuable opportunities to your sales funnel. Drawing increased traffic to your website is like having more people visit your store, it only gets you half way there. The object of your sales and online marketing efforts is to grow the number of people who perform the task you desire – that is to buy what you’re offering and encourage others to do the same. Every online business should develop a comprehensive Online Marketing Strategy. Peter DeCrescenzo, WSI’s Top Adelaide Internet Marketing Consultant, can work with you to design, implement and monitor the results of your search engine marketing campaign.

Cold calling leaves ‘em cold

Besides the expense of telemarketing, can you really afford to risk turning off potential buyers with annoying cold calls? Wouldn’t you prefer to send a regular e-Newsletter to people who opted-in? With one click you can reach a huge audience of people who are already interested. So what if they aren’t ready to buy now, you’ll keep their attention and develop their trust over time. You may even wind up with a referral. That is the kind of customer relationship you want to nurture. “Nurture” is defined as “to encourage somebody or something to grow, develop, thrive, and be successful”. Having your lead nurturing process in place allows you to gather and cultivate early-stage leads so that your marketing and sales funnel can capitalize on valuable opportunities. Your prospects will consider what you’re offering and move at their own pace through the buying cycle. It’s your challenge to strike a balance between staying connected with relevant information and throwing them off with overbearing follow-up. It is the kind of challenge that an experienced Adelaide Search Engine Marketing Consultant like Peter DeCrescenzo can expertly handle.

Take the next step by booking an Internet Business Analysis

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an investment, and just like any other, it has to pay for itself. PPC is enormously powerful. You only advertise to people who are looking for what you have right now, and you only pay when they respond by clicking through to your website. The price is determined by an ongoing real-time bidding process that is based on true market values.

ITDS 5-Step Plan for Pay-Per-Click

Step 1: Create an informative webpage

  • Ensure there is a call-to-action

Step 2: Generate a list of keywords

  • Keywords that potential buyers would search
  • Identify your negative keyword list
  • Identify broad and exact matches phrases

Step 3: Build your campaign

  • Research bid prices on Google
  • Write your Google AdWords advertisements

Step 4: Monitor your results

  • Split test ads against each other to achieve higher click through rates

Step 5: Improve your performance

  • Rewrite ads to improve click through rates
  • Optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Improve you ROI by adjusting bid prices

Digital Marketing Free Consulting

Digital Marketing Free Consultings are the cost effective way of getting in touch with your clients. Instead of spending countless hours in creating newsletters and advertisements for print marketing, which usually end up in the trash without being read, you can now get in touch with your clients through Digital Marketing. ITDS offers smart Digital Marketing strategies that can take your products, services and business and deliver them directly to the inbox of your clients.

Branding & Youtube Marketing

ITDS focuses on providing our clients with a full service of internet marketing which helps businesses of all sizes flourish and improve their online existence. Google/Facebook Advertising or PPC management is a very fast way of improve the ranking of your website in the search results against target keywords. Our team of specialists carry years of experience in search engine marketing and maintain a high level of expertise in all major search engine advertising platforms.

Our Branding & Youtube Marketing services include:

Competitor Analysis, Researching profitable and negative keywords, Developing profitable strategy and campaign structure, Advanced tactics and practice, Monitoring ROI, Improving quality score, Setup re-marketing campaign, Tracking report and analyse, Social Media Business Pages.



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